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Get a Grip!

Ladies and Gentleman, it is time to get a grip! With golf season already underway you might have noticed your clubs don’t seem as helpful or new as they once were. When we experience this unpleasant feeling our golf game tends to turn sour rather quickly. To solve this issue one could simply purchase the latest and greatest in golf technology, but most of us have to watch our budget pretty closely these days. It has been my experience that most often it is not the club that doesn’t feel right anymore it is actually the grip. Golf grips are a lot like your vehicles tires; too much neglect can lead to poor performance. Golf grips are recommended to be changed every year or after 40 rounds. That time frame can be extended with proper care and maintenance, but it has been my experience that most golfers fail to do so. Did you know that cleaning your grips once a week with warm water, soap and a towel could extend your grips life up to 3 months? However, much like a bald tire there comes a time when it is absolutely necessary to find a replacement. If your grip is beyond saving, go see your local golf professional and get your clubs regripped. Grip companies have numerous options that will fit almost anyone’s budget and style.

I want to thank you for reading this article and please remember to seek out your local PGA Professional…. It will be the best investment you can make in your golf game.

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