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Brandon D. Chico, CA

Couldn't be happier with the lessons I received from Ronnie. I was a frequent golfer who was wildly inconsistent with my scores. Ronnie uses modern technology to record your swing and show it to you so that you can see exactly what you are doing wrong. After 3 lessons designed at changing my swing and A LOT of practice getting comfortable with it I have finally become a consistent golfer and more scores are easily 10 strokes lower than what they were before the lessons I took. Ronnie has a great personality and he doesn't belittle his students if they struggle, but rather is extremely positive. Now that my swing is in much better shape I plan on using Ronnie again to improve my short game. You will not be disappointed at the results of Ronnie's instructions. One of my best investments was to have had him as a golf instructor!

Rick F. Susanville, CA

Had a great first lesson with Ronnie Theobald. Worked on making my golf swing the best version of it self rather than trying to teach me something completely different. Ronnie was very encouraging and supportive and gave me great drills to get ready for my next lesson. Also gave me a great tip for how to take the lesson to the course. Highly recommend Ronnie to any golfer in the north state.

Greg M. Chico, CA

Ronnie is a very good instructor. After coming off hip replacement surgery he was able to get my game back on track. With some simple grip and swing adjustments I was able to stop slicing the ball and get back a lot of power and accuracy. I have dropped my handicap by 5 strokes in just a few weeks and expect the trend to continue. I would highly recommend Ronnie for beginners as well as more advanced players.

Kevin C. Chico, CA

Ronnie is a magician. He immediately saved me 6 strokes in my game. He is very friendly when giving lessons and extremely patient. He is great for people who learn by explanation or through visuals. He has all kinds of tools to work on all parts of the game. The value of his lesson is far more than what he charges. He is very good with all levels as well, doesn't matter if you're a first timer or a seasoned vet. He always has tips regardless. He is a pro you would expect at a place like Pebble Beach. I highly recommend him!

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