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PGA Instruction

Individual Lessons $80
Junior Lesson $40

(One 45-Minute Lessons)

Visiting Bailey Creek on vacation?  Take 45 minutes and improve your enjoyment of our course and your game.  Single lessons are great for the person on the go or the avid golfer who needs a quick fix.

Game Changer $190 
(Three 45-minute Lessons)

For the past 5 years the Game Changer Package has been my #1 seller.  This is a great package that allows the student to really work on some problem areas and see great results.  This is the perfect package for someone who is interested in improving their game, but not quite ready to commit to the Ultimate Game Changer Package.

Ultimate Game Changer $300
(Five 45-Minute Lessons)

This package is for the golfer who is really committed to making changes to their current game.  The Ultimate Game Changer Package is Five 45-Minute Lessons that focus on making the necessary changes needed to help you achieve your golfing goals.

Group Lessons 60 Minutes
(2= $50 each, 3= $40 each, 4= $30 each)

If individual lessons make you nervous, then you might want to consider one of my group packages.  Grab your best friend or friend's and make it a fun filled evening with a group lesson.

9-Hole Playing Lesson $125
(1 Player, Green Fees not included)

Ever wondered why you can hit the ball great on the range, but can never take it to the course?  Well, this is a common issue that can be tackled by taking your instruction to the course itself.   Book yourself a 9-Hole playing lesson and change the way you look at the game of golf.

9-Hole Playing Lesson $225
(2 Players, Green Fees not included)

Looking for a great way to improve your golf game and enjoy time with your spouse or signifcant other?  The 9-Hole Playing Lesson for two people will accomplish your golfing goals and it's also a great date!

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