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Keeping Busy During The Off Season

It has been a very long time since I have posted anything on the blog portion of this page. Amazing too considering all of the big things that have happened since my last post. A Scotland trip with a group of 12 travelers who trusted me with their bucket list trip! Numerous trips to Mexico with one of them being a group of over 110 people! Playing Cypress Point and not only getting on the course, but shooting even par to boot! Then sadly losing a great friend and legend in the world of golf, Mark Parsinen. Life has been moving so fast that I just haven't felt like sitting down and documenting it. However, it is a new year and I have numerous goals for 2020 and one of them is to build my brand and my online presence. Part of that involves keeping customers up to date with everything involving Bailey Creek, Theobald Golf Solutions and the world of golf. So here we go and buckle up, because it's going to be a great year!

In the spirit of keeping everyone up to date, here is the latest in the world of Theobald Golf Solutions. In January I completed the PGA CPP 2.0 Program for Teaching and Coaching. What does that mean? Well, it means instead of being one of 27,000 PGA Professionals I am now one of 758 that have taken extra steps needed to be considered specialized in the field of Teaching and Coaching. This program moves me one step closer to my eventual goal of becoming a PGA Master Professional. I won't start that program until April, of 2023. Guidelines for the program require that I be a PGA Professional for at least 10 years before starting the program, so I have a little waiting to do.

Prior to completing the CPP 2.0 program, I took a trip down to Carlsbad to visit Callaway Golf Headquarters. During that visit, I participated in a 3-day program to become a Master Callaway Club Fitter. This program was eye opening and really changed my views and overall process for club fitting. Going to be a big game changer for anyone who comes and gets fit at Bailey Creek this Summer. We are already in the process of getting a launch monitor that will allow us to take custom fittings to the highest level possible. Make sure you reach out to me in early Spring and make an appointment.

Anyways, that's a quick update on the continuing education I have been doing to stay ahead of the competition in the professional world. In other news, the 2020 Bailey Creek Scotland trip already has 12 confirmed golfers and we have room for 4 more. If interested please reach out ASAP and I will send you the brochure. The dates are October 17th through October 25th. Look forward to seeing you all very soon at everyone's favorite course, Bailey Creek.

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